Our Values

Security: Given the incredible importance of the United States’ nuclear deterrent mission, in a revolutionary era of digitization, only the highest level of cyber security is acceptable. Anything less is a gift to our adversaries and unacceptable stewardship of Taxpayer’s money.

Speed: Our nuclear enterprise has been stretched well beyond it’s design life and is lagging our adversary’s modernization efforts. In some cases, there is zero margin for schedule slips. By “baking in” cyber security during initial design and development, we enable our Department of Defense partners to rapidly field new capabilities that are secure, effective and credible. 

Rigor: Expertly ensure all cyber security standards are met or exceeded; establishing a secure environment for digital design, integration, test and sustainment to enable rapid on-ramping of capability in anticipation of future threats and vulnerabilities.

Partnership: Apex Solutions is an un-biased partner to the government providing subject matter expertise within the information assurance and cybersecurity domains. We have no vertical content to sell and no Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI). We are a committed advisor to assuring the safety and security of America’s nuclear triad.

• People: Our team is made up of experts who are like-minded patriots, most of whom are Veterans. Our passion is keeping America safe through an effective and secure nuclear deterrent.