• Move fast: Ensure cyber security does not become an impediment that slows down the acquisition, test, and fielding process. Use our agility as a small business to rapidly react to new threats or requirements. Anticipate potential risks and issues and lead turn recommended solutions for the government before they ask for them.

• Early Engagement: Ensure cyber security is integrated early in the design and development process to reduce delays and re-work. Ensure all requirements are being met or exceeded early to enable a streamlined coordination and approval process. We leverage our relationships with senior stakeholders throughout the DoD, NSA and other agencies to address concerns early and quickly.

• Build and maintain relationships: Stay in close contact with key stakeholders such as U.S. Strategic Command, Joint Staff, DoD and Service CIOs, NSA, DISA and others. Close coordination allows us to anticipate potential issues and streamline compliance approvals.

•Build Trust: Provide only the most professional, accurate, un-biased analysis and recommendations to our government partners, enabling them to make risk-informed decisions based on facts and data.

• Simplify: America’s nuclear triad has extensive and complex oversight throughout both the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government. Our team’s diverse experience and networks helps us ensure our customers have a clear sight picture for timely program execution.